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The first step, before your actual portrait session, is the design consultation. In this meeting, we discuss your portrait needs so that we can fulfill your every expectation! We want to get to know you and/or your family/senior......what it is that caused you to choose ALP for your portrait. We also give suggestions that will make your portrait experience with us run smoothly and stress-free! Below are some preliminary suggestions that, hopefully, help with this process:

1. If you are wanting a black and white portrait, we suggest that you wear a dark, solid-color top....preferably long-sleeved.....for anyone in the portrait. Dark pants are also required. Jeans are fine.

2. For color portraits, please try to coordinate clothing colors. Stay away from stripes, plaids and writing of any kind as this tend to make your portrait look "patchwork" and unplanned. Solid colors are best......different shades of the same color will work, also.

3. When we are photographing your children, we will sometimes use your lap, your hands, your shoulder as props....even if you do not wish to be in the portrait.

4. When bringing your small child to be photographed, please arrive with him/her in your arms as children that are placed on the floor become more mobile by the minute and are difficult to place for a portrait!

5. Please refrain from telling your child to "smile" or "say cheese" during the session. This invokes unnatural smiles and makes it impossible for me to capture their true personalities.

6. For senior portraits, please arrive with your nails manicured neatly. Chipped polish is unsightly, as is garish nail polish or colors that only go with certain outfits.

7. Cell phone use is highly discouraged as it lengthens your session and takes your attention away from my instructions. Please turn your cell phone off when you enter the studio.

8. Please do not wear glitter makeup of any kind as this shows up as white spots on your skin under the studio lights.

9. Bring face powder for shiny noses, cheeks and chin. Being under studio lights causes skin to shine frequently.

10. Remember that jewelry and other accessories are important.

11. Session fees will be paid at design consultations.