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GHOST COURT (set of 2)

Horizontal template

Vertical template

This set of two (2) templates is a must at the price listed! Give your athletes something different and outside the box this year! These templates are great for individuals or teams that want a grungy, mysterious look! Included is a black and white adjustment layer that can be used to customize your black and white image! All you do is click on the adjustment layer icons to change the parameters of your black and white image!

Upon purchase, your email is required. Please check your email within 24 hours for instructions on dowloading your templates in zip file format.

Templates can be used with an individual athlete or a team as you have both a horizontal and a vertical option

Both templates look good in color and black and white, to a black and white adjustment layer is included for that purpose!

Horizontal template measures 5760x3840 pixels at 300 dpi and vertical template measures 2500x3500 at 500 dpi.