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This set of templates contains 4 scene options (Beam, Floor Exercise, Vault, and Parellel Bars) in 7x5 crops and also in 8x10 crops! They are absolutely PERFECT for your gymnastics volume clients! Our new CLIPPED ALPHABET letters set is a perfect companion to this gymnastics set as the logo in these templates was created using our clipped letters! The logo can be turned on or off at will and can be replaced with your own logo! Light beams can be turned on or off in the templates and each template has a pattern syle and color grading that can be turned on or off as well. Our Floor Exercise template boasts 5 different color floors.

Upon purchase, your email is required. Please check your email within 24 hours for instructions on how to download your templates in zip file format.

Floor Excersize


Parallel Bars

Templates have pattern styles that can be turned on or off

Templates have color grading that can be turned on or off

There are 5 different floor colors in the Floor Routine template

The 5x7 template measures 2500x3500 pixels at 500 dpi. The 10x8 template measures 4000x5000 pixels at 500 dpi. This is the Floor Exercise template.

This is the Parallel Bars template.