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This fun template has multiple layers that can be used to create various looks for your outdoor sports and banners. You can even decide if it's raining! Light beams and lights can be removed or left to shine on your athlete and the year on the scoreboard can be changed from 2019 all the way to 2021! There's even a light beam behind your athlete that you can use or turn off.....even lower the opacity for various looks. Two different skies are included for you to choose from and smoke can be left on or removed altogether. Simply turn the layer eyeball on or off to customize your template. Want to use it for another sport? Simply remove the scoreboard and customize to suit your needs! Instructions are included on how to download the font used in the template and how to change the letters.

Upon purchase, you will be required to give your email. Please check your email within 24 hours for instructions on how to download your template in zip file format.


Two different skies are included with the template

Turn off the rain layer!

Light beams can be turned on or off!

Any athlete of your choosing in any position can be added!

Template measures 720x10800 pixels at 300 dpi