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This fully customizable banner template is exactly what you need to offer your clients! A simple and clean design with removable elements couldn't be easier! It's easy to change the year on the scoreboard from 2019 to 2020 to 2021 by turning layer eyeballs on or off. Basketballs can be removed one by one or as a group! Don't want the basket? Simply turn it off! This template can accommodate endless basketball poses for boys or girls and can be individualized by team or school color! Basic sunset sky included along with 7 different color scoreboards for your convenience! But, don't look now! It doubles as a soccer banner template as well! Change the court to grass and the scoreboard to a soccer one! You can even change the numbers and colors on the soccer scoreboard! Seven different soccer scoreboard colors are included as well! See below!

Upon purchase, you will be required to give your email address. Please check your email within 24 hours for instructions on downloading your template in zip file format.


You have the option of either a basketball template or a soccer template....complete with both scoreboards!

Purple scoreboard (one of 7 different colors included!)

Teal scoreboard!

Blue soccer scoreboard...with or without soccer balls on the ground!

Green soccer scoreboard (one of 7 different colors included)

Template measures 720x10800 pixels at 300 dpi.